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In the Summer of 2004 a few adult Hendred players, some who were also parents with children starting to be interested in football, formed a group which began the first Soccer School on Saturday mornings at Hendred Sports Ground. The frustration of restricted places in the Wantage area for youth football allowed the Soccer School to grow rapidly that Summer.

The Soccer School grew to a peak, at one point, of about sixty children attending. It has been running since 2004 and is still very active today.

HHYFC Soccer SchoolFrom the Soccer School a committee was formed and the club was born as East Hendred Boys Football Club fielding two teams in the Oxford Mail Leagues in the 2004/2005 season; one under 10's made up of under 10's and some under 9's, and an under 9's team all baring one made up of children from the year below!

The club was fortunate to inherit a small legacy from a previous East Hendred Boys Football Club. This small fund has underpinned the growth of the club and is still available today providing continued financial stability and security.

Each year the club has grown on the success of the Soccer School such that the East Hendred playing field could no longer provide sufficient grass for all our teams. After a season of renting pitches from other local clubs, Ardington and Hanney, the club decided to expand to include the recreation facilities of Harwell Village. The Harwell Parish Council have been exceptionally supportive of our endeavours ever since we started talking to them. At the same time Harwell Oxford (AEA) invited another of our teams to use their fine facilities.

Our first club website was built in December 2007 and has provided a crucial hub of communication facilitating the smooth running of the club.

First HHYFC TeamEver since the season 2008/2009 we have used our new name of Harwell and Hendred Youth Football Club. The name change was deemed necessary to reflect our involvement with Harwell Village and Harwell AEA and also to be clear we welcome girls as well as boys!

In the Summer 2011, we hosted our first tournament at Harwell Rec. This proved to be quite a learning curve but was still a great success. The following season, despite an immense effort, torrential rain resulted in a complete wash out with the tournament being cancelled the day before. 

For summer 2013  a new tournament committee put us back on track and hosted another successful tournament on 15/16 June – it is recognised that this substantial effort needs to be transferred to delivering a tournament every year.  

2012/2013 brought an expansion in club officers not just doubling the number of officers involved in running the club but also delivering the crucial shift of influence to parents with children in our younger teams.

The 2013/2014 season offers us the exciting prospect of our first all girls team at U12. We very much wish this will be the start of many all girls teams playing in HHYFC colours.

The HHYFC philosophy is centred around quality management and coaching with the managers and coaches of our teams recognised as the fulcrum upon which the success of the team is balanced. Players, parents and most of all the club officers and committee members recognise the enormous commitment our team managers and coaches make. The club's aim is to provide support for our managers and coaches.

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